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Designer, Director, Photographer...


Jason Stamp has worked within Ad Agencies, Post-Production and Production Companies and directly with clients over the years.


He’s delivered award-winning work in all areas of marketing (print, radio, TV, and interactive). What truly sets Jason apart is that he has not only garnered attention for his work as an agency creative, but also as a visual effects artist, photographer, designer, director and creative consultant.


Over the years, Jason’s work for Nike, Gucci, HP, Chrysler, Karl Lagerfeld and Vibram has been showcased in documentaries, books, manuals, packaging and films. Jason has spoken internationally on behalf of Apple and has consulted for the world’s largest agencies. His work has been featured in Japan Today, Communication Arts, The New York Times, Graphis, Cool Hunting, Lurzers Archive, Art on Paper, Step by Step Graphics,, POST Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, and among others.


In 2011 director David Fincher used Jason’s animated feature “Dinosaur” in the academy award winning film “The Social Network”.


A native of Charleston South Carolina, Jason has jumped out of airplanes, navigated third world countries, spearfished for 200 pound Grouper, held beer drinking contests with Delta Force Operators, been stung by Costa Rican scorpions, and fired artillery with the United States Army all in the name of a days work. 



Awards list and references provided upon request.

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